Twentieth Week of Pregnancy – What are the symptoms of 20th week of pregnancy

The symptoms of the 20th week of pregnancy are very similar to the last. Yes, you need to make changes in your daily routine now according to the increasing weight and stomach size.

Twentieth Week of Pregnancy

Twentieth (20th) Week of Pregnancy

The 20th week of your pregnancy is the middle of your second trimester. By this time you may have experienced symptoms of fatigue, morning sickness, nausea and other pregnancy symptoms, but you may still experience some fatigue and pain. There are many exciting changes in your child during this week.

By the time you reach your 20th pregnancy, you may be suffering due to your increasing weight. Your weight will have increased by about 4 kg and this increase will continue at the rate of one kg every two weeks.

Your stomach size is now quite large, so you are advised that if you travel by train or bus every day, then leave the house at a time when there is no rush. Stop using a two-wheeler or two-wheeled vehicle, because the balance can get worse due to excess weight. However, know what your symptoms will be this week.

  1. Body changes in 20th week of pregnancy
  2. Baby development in 20th week of pregnancy
  3. Ultrasound in 20th week of pregnancy
  4. Tips for 20th week of pregnancy
  5. Diet for 20th week pregnancy

Body changes in 20th week of pregnancy

Most women who have a small body face trouble breathing when they are in this phase. This is caused by the child putting pressure on your internal organs.

By this time your weight increases by about 6-7 kg. From now on your weight can increase by about half a gram every week. Your waist will increase and complaints of indigestion, chest irritation, itching, urination, and constipation may occur soon.

Now you have to consume more iron-rich foods, because your child also starts using more iron. Fruits, eggs, chicken, dry fruits, sprouted wheat, oatmeal, spinach and other green leafy vegetables are good sources of iron.

Iron deficiency can cause a variety of problems in pregnancy. Pregnancy in which the problem of anemia and premature delivery is prominent.

Baby development in 20th week of pregnancy

This week the weight of the baby is about 318 grams and the length is more than seven and a half inches. The baby’s growth will be slow for a few weeks now. You will probably feel the baby’s movements more because it seems as if it is examining the boundaries of the walls of the womb.

The lungs of the child are not yet mature, but the child is breathing. The newborn’s first stool (Myconeum-Meconium) comes out as a dark green sticky substance. Myconeum contains dead cells and amniotic fluid, etc. which are swallowed by the child during the digestive process of the mother.

Lanugo means that the hair on the baby’s body in the womb is still on its body and the head hair is growing rapidly. The ears are fully functioning, so it becomes more important for you to spend time in a quiet environment, as your baby sleeps for 20 hours per day.

Ultrasound in 20th week of pregnancy

In this week’s ultrasound, the baby’s legs are in cross position and his face is covered by his hands. It may seem weak right now, but it is right from the point of view of development. 3-D ultrasound also shows his bones, which are developing day by day.

Tips for 20th week of pregnancy

If it is your second or third pregnancy or if it is the first one and you do not want more children, then start getting information about family planning or ways to stop pregnancy.

Feel free to share the chosen family planning plan with your obstetrician so that they can tell you if there is a better way or any related important thing.

If you want, you can start writing in a diary that you feel yourself, baby activities, etc. in which you can write the best moments of your 9 months which no one else can feel. And believe me, you will feel very good in reading this diary sometime in the future.

Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly for your and the child’s health.

Diet for 20th week pregnancy

Eat foods low in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, iodine and vitamin D during the 20th week of pregnancy.

  • To consume iron, you can add dried fruits, eggs, chicken, oatmeal, sprouts, spinach, etc. to your food.
  • For omega 3 fatty acids, you can consume walnuts, green leafy vegetables, tofu, soybeans, eggs, etc.
  • Salmon, shrimp and sardines contain iodine in fish, meat, and eggs. Take them.

    20th week of pregnancy


    Development of your child: By now your child will have grown into a banana shape. It will weigh around 300 grams. He is trying to swallow, he swallows amniotic fluid around him, this is causing his digestive system to develop. It will remain in his intestines in the form of black viscous substance called meconium. This is what comes out as feces after birth.

    Your symptoms: By now the size of your stomach has increased so much that walking, getting up and sitting will feel uncomfortable. Because of this you are having pain in the waist, you will also have pain in the legs. There will also be complaints of chest irritation, indigestion, the problem of leg cramps at night will be the same as in the previous week. Some more symptoms are:

    Snoring problem: Even if you have never snored, but due to the increased weight at this time and the effects of hormone estrogen, you can snore. Estrogen causes inflammation in the inner lining of your nose which causes snoring.

    Sharp growth in hair and nails: You will see that now your nails and hair are growing faster than normal days. The reason for this is also the increased level of your hormones.

    Breathing problem: As the size of the child increases, the pressure on your lungs increases. That is why you have to work harder to breathe.

    Swelling of hands and feet: Swelling of hands and feet may have increased due to water retention or excess fluid accumulation in the body. There is no need to panic but now you will not get your old shoes, so buy big shoes according to the new size.

    Otherwise, if you have any pain that is increasing, then contact your doctor immediately.

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