Twenty Eighth Week of Pregnancy – What are the symptoms of 28th week of pregnancy

At this time it is the 28th week of pregnancy, so it means there are only two more months of your pregnancy. This is the time to be very cautious. Know about yourself and the child’s symptoms.

Twenty Eighth Week of Pregnancy

Twenty Eighth (28th) Week of Pregnancy

As the end of the second trimester i.e. the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy begins, the end of your pregnancy also gets closer. At this time, the doctor will show you a chart of your baby’s movements.

If the child is still in a Breech position, then the scheduled date of birth can still be back and forth. If the child is not in the right position, your delivery may be through a C-section ie surgery.

Your blood will be tested again this week, and if Rh antibodies are found in your blood, your doctor will give you anti-D injections and you will be injected again in the sixth week.

If you are in the 28th week of your pregnancy, it means that your pregnancy has completed 7 months. Now only two months are left. Right now your child is also developing rapidly. You have to take care of his movement throughout the day even after your physical discomfort. Move the child at least 10 times a day, or say that the child should move at least once every two hours. If you find a reduction in this or more frequent movements, contact your doctor immediately. Come see what your symptoms will be this week and what your child is doing.

  1. Body changes during 28 week of pregnancy
  2. Baby development in 28th week of pregnancy
  3. Ultrasound of 28 weeks pregnancy
  4. Tips for 28 weeks pregnancy
  5. Diet for 28th week of pregnancy

Body changes during 28 week of pregnancy

As the uterus puts pressure on your colon (the colon – the part of the large intestine that absorbs water from the foods before they exit the body), this week causes more constipation problems. Also, from now on, many symptoms like fatigue, leg cramps, pregnancy pain, excessive urination, hemorrhoids and insomnia cause you problems every day. Most women also experience Braxton Hicks contractions (common spasms in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy) during this time. Which seems like a delivery but it is normal. Some women also experience heartburn. The weight of women increases by an average of 8–11 kg this week, but this number can also change because every woman has a different body type. So do not hesitate to ask or talk to the doctor if you have any kind of concern.

Baby development in 28th week of pregnancy

During this week, the length of the child is about 16 inches and the weight is about 1.8 kg, that is, the child is constantly growing. In the last few weeks, it has been growing at a slow pace, but from this week it starts to grow even faster. With an ultrasound, you will find your baby a bit thicker than before. This happens due to the accumulation of fat under the skin. He can open his eyes and his eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed. Enzyme systems and endocrinological processes are still underdeveloped. All these systems and lungs continue to develop even after the start of the third trimester. When the baby moves in the uterus or changes its position, you may experience kicks and bribes.

Ultrasound of 28 weeks pregnancy

This week marks the beginning of the third quarter. In an ultrasound, you will see the baby’s follicles, also known as lanugo, waving in amniotic fluid. Before birth, these embryos are transferred from the normal hair of the baby, which are on the body and head of the baby after birth.

Tips for 28 weeks pregnancy

Go to the doctor for regular check-ups. These days you may have to go to the doctor more often. If you wish, write the questions or your concerns in the appointment in a place so that the doctor can easily overcome all your troubles. Now every week you will experience different changes so be prepared for your appointment. For more information about pregnancy pain, you can read our pregnancy pain article about what these pain is, why it happens and what are the common pain and which are not.

Diet for 28th week of pregnancy

The baby develops rapidly in the 28th week of pregnancy. Calcium is a very essential nutrient for the development of baby bone and teeth. To keep the child and yourself healthy, you need to provide all kinds of nutrition to your body.

  • Eat dairy products, green vegetables like spinach etc. for calcium.
  • Buttermilk and frosting are good alternatives to beverages.
  • Almonds, walnuts, pulses and figs are also major sources of calcium.
  • Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium, for this you should consume eggs and milk and try to get sunlight.

28th Week of Pregnancy


Development of your child

Right now your child’s brain is developing rapidly. Apart from this, the bones of the child are also being formed in the third trimester. The child will be about 16 inches in size and weighing about 1.02 kg. At this time, the child is practicing to blink his eyelashes in his stomach, after which he dreams a lot, sometimes taking out the tongue and makes strange faces. This is usually seen in ultrasound occurring during this period. One more important thing, now slowly your child is coming into birth. Meaning, head down.

Your symptoms

As the baby begins to enter the delivery position and is near the head of the uterus. Because of this, you may have to put extra weight on the lower part of your body. The effect of this will be seen in the form of pressure on your bladder. You need to be more careful in getting up, sitting. Delivery time is getting closer, so keep visiting your doctor regularly. Keep providing them with the necessary tests. The remaining symptoms are as follows:

General characteristics: You will have constipation and gas problems, back pain, leg cramps, sometimes due to excess weight you may have severe pain from the ax to one of the legs or have pain from the cyst. To avoid this, do not stand too long, contact the doctor if necessary. Insomnia conditions may also remain.

BP may remain dry due to high BP, nose may remain closed, nose or gums may occasionally bleed. There may be a problem on the face or freckle.

Flexibility and pain in joints: To make the pelvic area or pelvic area wider in pregnancy, a hormone called relixin is produced in the body so that normal delivery can be minimized for discomfort and pain. But due to this the bones and joints of this area become so flexible that they start to ache. If you have such pain, contact your doctor. He may advise you to wear pelvic support belts. But do not do it without medical advice.

Pregnancy by Month & Pregnancy by Week

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  2. Second Month of Pregnancy:- Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9.
  3. Third Month of Pregnancy:- Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12, Week 13.
  4. Fourth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 13, Week 14, Week 15, Week 16, Week 17.
  5. Fifth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 17, Week 18, Week 19, Week 20, Week 21.
  6. Sixth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 22, Week 23, Week 24, Week 25, Week 26.
  7. Seventh Month of Pregnancy:- Week 27, Week 28, Week 29, Week 30, Week 31.
  8. Eighth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 32, Week 33, Week 34, Week 35, Week 36.
  9. Ninth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 36, Week 37, Week 38, Week 39, Week 40.

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