Twenty Ninth Week of Pregnancy – What are the symptoms of 29th week of pregnancy

In Pregnancy Week 29, you are unable to sleep, it is possible that BP is too high, so the problem of headache or migraine can irritate you. Read some more 29 week Pregnancy symptoms.

Twenty Ninth Week of Pregnancy

Twenty Ninth (29th) Week of Pregnancy

As soon as the third trimester begins, you should go to the doctor regularly for your health and child’s health check-up. Eat right for a good pregnancy and continue to exercise regularly.

In the 29th week of pregnancy, your growing child is forcing both your body and your mind to start preparing for post-delivery responsibilities. The weight of the child will increase rapidly till delivery, so start focusing on the common symptoms of the child with you.

  1. Body changes during 29 weeks of pregnancy
  2. Baby development in 29th week of pregnancy
  3. Ultrasound of 29 weeks pregnancy
  4. Pregnancy tips for 29th week
  5. Diet for 29th week pregnancy

Body changes during 29 weeks of pregnancy

During this time, you will experience skin rashes, dryness and intense itching due to hormone fluctuations. Do not scratch your skin, nor scratch it too much. Try to keep the skin moist.

Contact a doctor if severe rashes occur. Your mood may change quickly and you may feel fatigued due to weight gain, but this is normal. By this week, your weight will increase by about 11 kg.

As you are learning new ways to walk, sit, stand and sleep, try to bathe in hot water to relax your muscles. Doing this also helps you get rid of pain and cramps.

Varicose veins (visible on the upper surface of the skin) can appear on the feet. To reduce it, use special types of sock or do leg raising exercises. You may still feel the symptoms you felt last week.

Baby development in 29th week of pregnancy

During the 29th week, your child’s kicks and bribes increase slightly, which can sometimes cause severe pain. At this time these activities are often experienced which is normal but it is also an indication that the child is in the womb properly. Sometimes these kicks and movements can cause rib pain, pelvic pain and inadvertent urination.

Your baby is growing fast, weighs close to 1.3 kg and the length is more than a foot. You may also feel that with the development of the child, your appetite also increases, as it now starts to use more nutrients than before. You may feel the need to eat again after having a meal, but do not do it by mistake. The child gets all the nutrients. The muscles and lungs are maturing and the hearing ability of the child is also greatly improved.

Ultrasound of 29 weeks pregnancy

This week, the bones and muscles of the baby become stronger. You can get an idea of ​​his strength and strength by his kick and other activities. The sonogram (ultrasound) shows the bones white and shiny. From this time the child begins to practice breathing outside the amniotic fluid, although his lungs will still need more time to mature.

Pregnancy tips for 29th week

As the child begins to use more and more blood on its own, the iron levels in your blood may decrease. Therefore, to maintain normal iron levels in your body, on an average 30 mg of iron is consumed daily through prenatal vitamins or diet. Iron is important for increasing red blood cells.

Your doctor may also do a blood test to check your iron levels and anemia. If you result in blood or iron deficiency, then they can advise you to eat iron pills till the completion of pregnancy. Instead of sleeping on your back, sleeping on one side (usually it is good to move on the left side) will give you and the baby a rest and it also plays an important role in improving blood circulation.

Diet for 29th week pregnancy

This week is the first week of the last trimester of your pregnancy, now you need more energy to handle everything. For this, you need to eat at least 200 to 300 calories per day, so that everything is normal in pregnancy. Also keep drinking sufficient amount of water to keep yourself hydrated.

  • Two rotis with vegetables or two idlis with sambhar are sufficient for extra calories. But it is a diet apart from the food that is consumed throughout the day.
  • Drinks such as lassi and lemonade can be drunk to cool the body.
  • During this time, eat foods that have high water content.
  • Almond milk, grape syrup, apple and carrot juice etc. are beneficial for your health.

29th Week of Pregnancy


Your child’s status: Your baby is now about 15.2 inches tall and around 1.13 kg. At birth, its weight can be up to three times its present weight. At this time, he is practicing all the necessary actions that are necessary to keep him alive outside of your stomach such as trying to breathe, trying to swallow, exercising your arms and legs so that his muscles can get stronger. He has become so big that the protuberances of his hands and feet can sometimes be seen on the surface of his stomach.

Your symptoms: The weight of a growing child is putting pressure on your bladder and organs of the digestive system. This can cause symptoms such as chest irritation, pain in the pelvic area, frequent urine desire, and hemorrhoids.

Migraine: At this time you are not able to get enough sleep, it is possible that BP is too high, so the problem of headache or migraine can irritate you. You may also have a headache due to having an empty stomach, so keep eating on time.

Itchy stomach: By stretching, the skin of the stomach is becoming increasingly thin. Because of this she must have become very sensitive. To avoid this, apply some lotion on the stomach, drink sufficient amount of water to remove dryness.

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