US Physics Olympiad Team Returns Victorious!

Okay, so the US isn’t quite the top country (4th in my estimation), but out of 76, I think it’s safe to say that the American students made an excellent showing. And look how happy they are!

US Physics Olympiad team with medals! From left, Kenan Diab (silver), Haofei Wei (gold), Jenny Kwan (silver), Jason LaRue (gold), Rui Hu (silver).

The results, taken from coach Paul Stanley’s reports, are:

China: four gold, one silver (total score 226.7)
Russia: Three gold, one silver, one honorable mention (216.1)
Korea: Two gold, three silver (217.2)
USA: Two gold, three silver (204.2)
Japan: Two gold, two silver, one bronze (206.9)
Iran: Two gold, two silver, one bronze (202.4)

Some say that the performance of a country has a lot to do with its size, and I think it’s rather telling that three of the largest nations landed in the top four slots. Anyway, congrats to all the students who competed. And to the all-medaling US team, Physics Buzz salutes you.

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