The Limit of a web-page that can be cached in Google and other search engine

What is Cache?

In the view of internet or computer network or websites, a cache is a software or data component that stores data so that requests for that data can be served faster in the future, Data stored in the cache may be the result of a duplicate of previously collected computation or data stored elsewhere.

Cache Memory
Google Sample Pic Of Cache Memory

Cache In Google Search Result

According to Google: “Google takes a snapshot of each web page as a backup in case the current page isn’t available. These pages then become part of Google’s cache. If you click a link that says “Cached,” you’ll see the version of the site that Google stored.”

If the website you’re trying to visit is slow or not responding, you can use the cached link instead.

Viewing web pages cached in Google Search Results

Cached pages show that what a web page looks like the last time when Google crawled or visited it.

How to get to a Google cached link

  1. In your pc, type a word in Google search page  for the page you want to find the cache.
  2. Click the green arrow at the end of  that page in the search result of that URL.
  3. Click on the Cached button.
  4. When you’re on the cached page, click the current page link to get back to the live page.
Google Cache Page
Red Box Link – Cache of Google In Search Result 

Limit of Cached Size in Google

Google immediately saves a page with less than one MB, or whenever he reads the site-map of that website, but caches the page which is more than one MB on the basis of the page’s quality. Google can cache the page size of 20 MB.

Size of AMP Pages in Google

Before learning about the AMP page size, take a brief discussion about AMP.

  • AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • AMP Project is a website publishing technology developed by Google as a competitor to Face-book’s Instant Articles.
  • AMP is a web component framework to easily create user-first.
  • The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is built on top of existing web technologies to enable blazing-fast page in mobile devices.
  • Learn how to implement your AMP pages to get the most out of them in Google Search. Learn here.
Amp Page Symbol in Google Search Result
In Red Circle Amp Page Symbol in Google Search Result

Now we learn about the amp page size limit on Google and other search engine

According to Google, the size of an AMP page should not be more than 12 MB, Google does not render the amp page more than that size. So do not keep your AMP page too much, do not put more photos in it, or do not insert photos in the AMP page until necessary.

That’s it !

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