What are cookies in the website and what are they necessary for?

What are cookies in the website and what are they necessary for?

Cookies are about the entire history of your browser. It is only with cookies that every website owner gets to know about the interest of his readers or customer and can give his customers a best experience.

Cookies are basically in every browser, when you go to any result or any website, then the browser saves your history in cookies.txt format, whenever a website asks for your cookies, this browser will file that file. Sends that website to the owner.

If the common man sees the benefit of this, then there is nothing but if there is a website owner, he is very much benefited, therefore it is the owner of the website that there is nothing wrong in it but that he can provide you with knowledge. He is not taking any fees for it and uses cookies in his place.

And if we talk to the website owner, then he will be able to offer target ads to you. Now if you do not know about target ads, then tell that whatever you see on the internet, they will be shown above your interest and not any random ads.

If we talk about some big companies such as Google or Facebook, they track every action of yours and then target ads are visible to you. Talking about Google, 80% of you live on the internet, Google ad-sense ads are kept on the website, it is able to show ads through your own data and whatever data goes to Google goes through cookies. .

If I was talking about one of my experiences, once I was searching for one Random, then I saw some girls’ product, then for the next 4 to 5 days I kept telling me about the same product, then you can think how much these cookies is important.

Oh and one more thing, just recently in 2019, a person tweeted to his Indian Railways that porn ads are running on your platform, then that person will not know that all the ads come through your cookies. Railway department retweeted and said that please delete your browser history, then it was a very easy environment, so a lot of memes were also made on it, so never request it from you.

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