What are some complications during pregnancy?

We planned for the child in February 2018. We confirmed my pregnancy in March. I am only 21 years old and she is 26 years old. We are not mature enough. But happy and mentally prepared for our upcoming responsibilities.

Complications during pregnancy

We were excited to learn that I am pregnant with twins, within 7 weeks scan. My husband was very happy. I was afraid of how I would manage the twins. We heard two baby beats and on the first scan everything was normal.

I kept vomiting. I was unable to eat as usual. Vomiting and diarrhea continued. I was taking folic acid from the day we started planning for the baby. And some other vitamin pills after pregnancy confirmation.

Everyone in our family was very happy and excited to welcome our two little hearts. Only my father was concerned about my health and how I am going to handle it.

We went for a second scan of 11 weeks. I saw the movement of the children and heard the beating of both the children. I happily came out. This time they did not allow my husband.

After a while the sonographer called my husband and had some discussion. I think something was not right. But I was fine since I heard two baby heartbeats.

The sonographer informed my husband that, the size of the baby’s head looked suspicious, but there was nothing to worry about, and asked us to wait for the next scan to confirm. I was praying to God daily for my two souls. I fell in love with both souls after the first scan.

Something unexpected happened in our 12-week scan. Twin B was diagnosed with a neural tube defect – Acrania. It is a rare disorder and has been confirmed. I was devastated and my dreams shattered within seconds. I was half dead in my heartbeat. Why did this happen to me.

One of my children was not alive after birth. How could I tolerate this as a mother. I cried .. cried continuously for 3 days. I was strengthened by my father’s words. My mother came to our house to help me.

At the same time I was suffering from mumps. My face and ears were swollen, even water could not flow. I was scared to death. I worked hard to eat because my baby health was very important.

We met the gynecologist after a week. I was mentally prepared to bear any pain to save my children.

In this case selective reduction was not possible because the twins are monoinchonic dienotic twins. Single placenta and two amniotic sacs. If anything happens to one child, it will affect the other healthy child. .

From my heart I and Hubby had no idea of ​​going into selective redaction. Already we have known and read a lot about it. At least I wanted to spend a few minutes with my baby after birth and I could spend a total of 9 months in her womb with him. I was relieved when I came to know that selective reduction was not possible in my case.

I think both of my children were heartbroken. I could see no defect. The only option gynaec gave us was to abort both babies. There was a 70 percent chance of twin B ever dying in the womb. Since the upper part of the skull was not developed, his brain was in amniotic fluid. If anything happens to Twin B, the healthy Twin A will also be killed.

How can I kill a healthy growing child? I was sure that I would not have an abortion and I came out. My lady suggested us to go to Madison where they provide high quality ultrasound, fetal care and genetic testing.

We got an appointment the next day. I did ultrasound about 6 times throughout the day. I had severe cramps.

He confirmed that Twin A is healthy at this level and would clearly know about the anomaly scan on the 20th week. At the same time we met many experts to save our child to a minimum. No postponement and abortion were suggested as the Momo twins had multiple complications. We had to go through a lot of stress. There was a lot of fear for us everyday.

My husband supported me a lot. Our relatives started sharing the horror pregnancy stories of others and asked us to miscarry for a peaceful life. I can say to such a lucky person that I am a husband like him. The right decision maker. He told me don’t worry even if our child is born disabled but we can take care of them. . Abortion is not required.

Finally, a gynecologist accepted to advance our pregnancy and said that we can give God a choice. Do not expect anything. In the end if you save one of your children you will be happy .. I was happy. She was the one who gave me positive thinking to continue my pregnancy.

I used to talk to both of my infants regularly. I read a lot of articles about Akrania and found a way to save my Twin Bee. I read many stories of parents who gave birth with the same flaw. I clearly understood that my twin B’s survival rate is zero percent. I knew that in my womb I could talk to him.

Mentally, I grew stronger every day. Vomiting continued until the end of pregnancy. I did not lift much weight. But every report was general.

In the anomalous scan taken in the 18th week, everything was correct. One is very healthy and I felt that both children move regularly. No complications required by doctors. Both are growing normally without disturbing each other.

At the 28-week scan, the sonographer stated that my Twin B was very active and not working to take measurements. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. I could not say a word.

We crossed the 30th week. We were happy that we could save one of the twins, even though they were born prematurely. I was relieved. I was underweight before pregnancy so it was hard for me, my stomach got very big. I always walked with my husband’s hand.

I noted the list to buy things for my newborn. My husband bought everything. The hospital bag was ready in 32 weeks. My twin B was getting better too. Baby proved every doctor wrong. My little angel struggled to the end to save the other. I am proud of my child. She is no longer with us, but will remain in our hearts till our last breath.

Weeks passed. The delivery date was getting closer. I started crying thinking that I was going to lose one of my children. Unable to feel happy for one of the healthy baby. . Still praying to God to save both my children. .

Apart from the joyous fear and sad part of losing my twin B completely occupied my mind. We reached 35 weeks without any complications. Yes, God was on my side. I felt that God was testing me as to which path I would choose.

The plan for the C section was in the 36th week as I became weak and dehydrated due to daily vomiting. Only one week more for C section. . I spoke well to my child. I cried to him how I am going to miss him after a week. .

The happiest thing was that whenever I used to cry, both of my girls used to beat me inside. One should not pass a very painful day. I did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The C section was planned on 6 October 2016. We were admitted to the hospital on 5 December. At midnight I felt very shivering. My heartbeat and baby heartbeat increased rapidly. I was taken to the emergency room. After 1 hour of struggle. Everything around was under control. I could hear two heartbeats by now.

 Pregnancy complications you have came across

In the morning, I was taken to the C section room. I was calmly and patiently praying to God. . Once the anesthesia was injected everything became numb. I could hear doctors talking around.

Suddenly I heard a cry. I was happy and eagerly waiting for another cry. But didn’t.

The doctor told me its baby girl. I was happy. As I expected from the girl from the beginning. I heard the voice of a doctor, saying that he was still alive. I was happy that my twin B room was silent after this. I fell asleep.

First I informed my husband to spend every minute with my twin b. I asked her to take pictures of him. I had already bought a hat to cover her upper head. I prepared everything in advance with the help of my mother and husband.

I was unable to spend even a single minute with my dying child. . I had not even seen him. I only saw him in the photos. Her father spent three minutes with her. He looked troubled to breathe. He said goodbye to all of us 3 minutes after arriving in this world.

Twin. He resembles his sister. The healthy twin weighed just 1.80 kg and was transported to the NICU. She was able to maintain her temperature. She came back to her room before me. Its miracle doctor said. When I saw him, I didn’t feel anything. . I was half conscious due to anesthesia.

I miss my twin B every moment. I cry every day till now. I know that she is still living within me.

This is my healthy twin and our struggle to save her. She is now 1 year 9 months old and completely healthy.

These are the Complications During Pregnancy

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