What is CPC in blogging?

What is CPC in blogging?

Blogs do not have CPC, something like CPC is used in online campaigns. Which means the cost on a click is the cost of a click on an ad.

Cpc means cost per click Whenever a visitor comes to your website and clicks on every advertisement on your website, what will be the cost of that 1 click, that is what we call cpc. 1 click’s cpc can be anything, it decides adsence.

CPC means Cost Per Click This means how much money the advertiser has put on the ads being shown on your channel or website.

When a viewer clicks on your ads, you will get that money only on the basis of CPC. If the CPC is 1 rupee, then you will get one rupee on one click, if you get 10 clicks then you will get 1X10 = 10 rupees.

I hope you have understood everything.

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