What is Domain Name And Where To Buy It

Domain Name:
The domain name is the address of a website. With the help of which we can reach any website very easily. How To Get The Domain Name Purchases The domain name has to be purse from the shovel. How many types of domain names are there Today we have to discuss these things.

The domain name is used to access a typical page in a url.

Because the Internet is based on the IP address and not the domain name, so every web server requires a domain name system that is DNS server so that it can convert the domain name to an IP address.

What is called ‘The domain name’?

Domain Name .com .net .in

The domain name is called the address of any website through which we access the website such as www.timesbuzzer.com is a web address in it’s timesbuzzer.com domain name, we use this Times Buzzer‘s website to open it.

Generally speaking, you can reach a website by using a domain name similar to the one you access to its home address.

In the technical language, the domain name is used to reach one or more IP addresses.

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Can We Get The Domain Name In Free ?

Yes you can get domain name in free but premium domain like .com, .org, .net, .in etc, is not available in free. You can get domain like .tk in free.

Kinds Of Domain Name

Suffix is placed behind every domain name, indicating which domain belongs to which top level domains (TLDs) such as

  1. .Com – Business website
  2. .Gov – Government agencies i.e.
  3. .Edu – Educational Institutes Web Sites
  4. .Org – Nonprofit Organizations
  5. .Mil – Military Services
  6. .Biz – Business Agency
  7. .Net – Network Organization

Some domain name suffixes represent a country or country website such as

  1. .In – India
  2. .Pk – Pakistan
  3. .Ca – Canada
  4. .Uk – United Kingdom
  5. .Th – Thailand

Apart from this there are many more types. The work is all the same. You can buy any type of domain as mentioned in the above list.

For A Blogger Best Domain Name

If you want to do blogging, then choose one of these as .com, .net, .org, .co.in, .net, .in such that my domain name is timesbuzzer.com. You have understood from this example that what is the domain name. And how does it work.

Buying A Domain Name

By the way, the domain name sells many companies. But we should buy from there, whose domain is cheap and that company does not work to rob. Many companies are such that you first offer DOMAIN cheap. But when the time of renewal is taken, then it takes out all the work. Stay away from such a company. By the time all companies offer offers in less money to everyone at the time of launch. But we have to connect with the company that does not intend to rob. I’m going to tell you some names in the same domain. Think of the name of the domain as well, so that we would not have to repent. The website contains the domain name, ip address name

  1. godaddy.com
  2. domains.google.com
  3. namecheap.com
  4. bigrock.com

Review Of These Domain Provider

 All the above websites are great. You can buy eye-catching domain names from here. In this tutorial, I am going to tell you with the complete details of how to buy domains from Go Daddy. First of all you have to do a Domain Resistor on Go Daddy. For that you click here. go daddy After clicking on the com daddy link, after you have created your email address, user-name, and password in it, then you can generate the security PIN. And then click on i agree. Always remember the security pin. So save password, user-name, and security pin to your computer. After filling the details like this, your go daddy will be ready by becoming a account. go daddy par a domain name value 99 / – rs.

 How to buy domain names on Go-Daddy

If Your account on Go Daddy has been made before. Now you are signed in to go daddy account. After signing in go to Go Daddy’s Home Page The home page will look like you You can open a domain for the search domain that has the option of registering a domain. The domain has a lot to buy as it is There is no question for me at all. If you have any problems, I would like to call you on my phone or comment. I’m going to solve your problem.

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