World’s Smallest Trophy up for grabs in the Nano Bowl video contest

You could win the a trophy so small that you’ll need to borrow an electron microscope just to see it!

Don’t worry, they’re going to give the winner of the PhysicsCentral Nano Bowl a plaque with a micrograph of the trophy on it, just to show what you’ve won.

On top of that, they’re giving the winner $1000 in actual money that you can see with your naked eye.

And to really top things off, I hear they’re going to present the prize to the lucky winner in a solemn ceremony to be held in the nearest phone booth on Super Bowl Sunday. You’re Grandma will be sooooo proud!

What do you have to do to win? Make a video that illustrates some physics concept (whatever you like – momentum, kinetic energy, aerodynamics, whatever) as it relates to football (the American version.)

Check out the rest of the rules.

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