Xtreme Physics

Snowboard/skating phenom Shaun White lets writer Jeanna Brynner use him to illustrate the physics of x-treme sports.

As a lifelong skater and snowboarder, I was a little suprised by this quote from the article.

“My favorite thing to do is a really big 360–a full-circle spin,”Shaun says.

Anyone who has seen Shaun compete knows that if he pulls off a simple 360 in a competition, he’s going to lose points. These days they have to throw down 540s (1.5 rotations) or 720s (2 full rotations) just to stay in the competition. Shaun is close to pulling the 900 (2.5 rotations) on a skateboard, and whips off 1080s (3 rotations) on snow all the time.

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