Apart from blogging, how many other ways can online money be made?

Apart from blogging, how many other ways can online money be made?

Everyone wants that free time to earn some money and to increase their income. Today we will talk about this, there are ways through which cones can be earned from your home.

Many women work only at home and want to do something in their spare time, then they can work online from their home as well and there is a lot of income.

1. Freelancers

Many freelancers get their work done, in this you can work according to your skill.

This money goes to your bank, as you work, your money is given directly to the bank. If you want to get some work done, it will be done in Freelancers.

2. Blogging

If you grieve to write or if you have good information on a topic, you can do blogging, it will give you a very good platform.

Today many people make very good money from blogging and work in it professionally.

If you do not want to invest first, then you can choose the blogger, it gives free blogging platform from google. It has many functions using which you can create it like a wepsite.

3. YouTube

Today YouTube has become a huge Paleform, nowadays people search on youtube first.

Becoming a YouTuber is very easy, you can do less from your mobile.

You can reduce the readiness, jobs, education, social work, health, songs, etc. in YouTube.

Children also watch videos on YouTube for their time pass.

4. Quora

Quora has a partner program that may have some conditions. You can search quora partner programe on Google to find out the conditions. On following these conditions, he sends an invoice to his partner via email to join the program and whenever the user accepts the invitation If he gives an answer or asks for a question, there is a dollar deposit in his account for someone to read his answer and that user can withdraw the minimum payment of $ 50!

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing in which a person promotes or recommends products of another company or organization, through his blog or website. In return, the company or organization gives some commission (%) to that person. There is different commission according to different products. This commission can be some percentage of the sale or a certain amount. These products can be anything from web hosting to clothing or electronics.

The company or organization that wants to promote its products offers its Affiliate Program. Now any other person like a blog, youtuber, or website owner joins that program, then the company or organization gives him a banner or link etc. to promote their products on their blog, youtube videos or website. Now in the next step, that person takes that link or banner differently on their blog, youtube videos or website. Now that person’s blog, Youtube channel or website gets a lot of visitors. When a visitor clicks on that link or banner, reaches the website of the company or organization offering the affiliate program and buys something or signs up for a service, the company or organization commissions him in return.

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