Amrapali Dubey – An Indian film and TV Bhojpuri Actress

Amrapali Dubey (11 January 1987) is an Indian film and television actress. She played the lead role as Suman in ‘Rahna Hai Teri Palak Ki Chhaon Mein’. She acted in Saat Phere and Maayka on Zee TV. She also appeared in Mera Naam Karegi Roshan. Dubey was in Sahara One fiction show Phantom Nights.

Amrapali Dubey

Amrapali Dubey
Amrapali Dubey

Amrapali Dubey is originally from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Amrapali studied at Bhavan College, Mumbai. In 2014, he played the leading role in Nirhua Rickshawala opposite Dinesh Lal Yadav in Bhojpuri cinema. In 2017, for the first time in the history of Bhojpuri cinema industry, a song has found more than 10 and a half million on YouTube. This song ‘Raate Diya Butake’ is the promotional song of Pawan Singh’s film ‘Satya’, which was filmed on Pawan Singh and Amrapali Dubey. Amrapali Dubey charges around Rs 7-9 lakh for a Bhojpuri film.

TV serial By Amrapali Dubey

  1. Saat Phere
  2. Rahana Hain Teri Palakon Ki Chhav Mein
  3. Mera Nam Karegi Raushan
  4. Haunted nights

Film (Movies) List of Amrapali Dubey 

  1. ‘Nirhua Rickshawala’ 2
  2. Kashi Amarnath
  3. ‘Patna to Pakistan
  4. Mokama Zero Kilometer
  5. Nirhua Chalal in-laws-2
  6. Nirhua Chalal London
  7. Nirhua Hindustani
  8. Nirhua Hindustani-2
  9. Nirhua Hindustani-3
  10. Raja Babu
  11. Ram Lakhan
  12. Jigger Wala
  13. Ashik Awara
  14. Bam Bam Bol Raha Kashi
  15. Nirahua Stal Rahe
  16. Sipahi
  17. Border
  18. Lagal Raha Batasha

Amrapali Dubey Hot

First came in front of Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey’s Mala picture, then the fans sat asking – did you get married?

Bhojpuri actress Amrapali Dubey came to see mother Vindhyavasini on the auspicious occasion of Saavan with superstar Nirhua. In the temple of mother Vindhyavasini in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, there are a large number of devotees throughout the year. It is believed that the mother fulfills every wish asked with a sincere mind. Now both Amrapali Dubey and Nirhua have reached the mother’s shelter. During this, some other people also appeared with them.

Amrapali Dubey and Nirahua

Amrapali Dubey has shared many photos of this period. Sharing the photo, Amrapali wrote – Jai Maa Vindhyavasini. Nirhua is also seen with Amrapali in a picture. Fans are loving the picture of both. Amrapali has a sandalwood vaccine on her forehead while Nirhua is wearing a garland.

Amrapali said in a romantic way – someday I will become the king’s queen, Nirhua gave this lovely answer.

Bhojpuri actress Amrapali Dubey and Bhojpuri superstar Dinesh Lal Yadav

Bhojpuri actress Amrapali Dubey and Bhojpuri superstar Dinesh Lal Yadav are quite fond of the audience. Both photos and videos do not take time to go viral on social media. In such a situation, Amrapali Dubey has shared a photo with Nirhua on her Instagram. On which Nirhua has also made a funny comment.

Actually Amrapali Dubey shared a photo on Instagram. In which Nirhua is also seen with him. These photos of both of them are very good and the style of both looks quite romantic. Amrapali has also given a love caption on the photo.

Amrapali Dubey Sexy Photos

In the caption, Amrapali Dubey wrote- ‘Someday the king’s queen in Banungi.’ Along with this, Amrapali has also used some hashtags. On this post of Amrapali, Nirhua wrote – Just say it again. Please tell that these films are lyrics of Raja’s song. The film was released in 1995. In which Sanjay Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit were seen.

Please tell that Amrapali often shares photos and videos for her fans. Some time ago a video of the actress went viral. In the video, she was speaking in the voice of a girl named Amaira. In the video, Amrapali was seen saying – ‘My maternal grandfather has broken up with me’. Next to this Amrapali says- ‘My maternal grandfather has told me, ‘moongaphalee mein daana nahin ham tumhaare naana nahin’.

Significantly, in Bhojpuri cinema, the pair of Amrapali Dubey and Nirhua is considered a superhit couple. Both films and songs prove to be superhit. Apart from films, Nirhua and Amrapali are often seen together. Both are very good friends. Recently, his old age photo also went viral on social media.

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