What temperature is a fever?

Normal temperature of body is about 98.6F, or 37०C. Generally, above this temperature is considered fever. Your temperature must be above 100.4° to be considered a fever. Though anything above your body’s natural temperature (98.6°) is still a fever, it’s just 100.4° is considered a significant fever.

What temperature is a fever
Temperature of Fever

According to some nursing manuals, a person is considered to have fever when their body temperature is higher than 38,8°C.

From 37,7°C to 38,8°C, the person is considered feverish (a state prior to actual fever). From 36°C to 37,7°C, the temperature is normal.

Of course, those values may vary slightly from patient to patient, and should be only used as reference.

A fever is considered any temperature above the normal range of human body temperatures. Since there can be a fair amount of variance in normal temperature from person to person, some people can naturally run hotter or colder. There isn’t a general consensus where exactly the normal temperature range ends; however, anything above 99.5°F or 37.5°C would qualify as a fever.

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