What to do and care after normal delivery? After delivery care – Postnatal care

A woman who becomes a mother in the first six weeks after a normal delivery requires special care. At this time there is an atmosphere of happiness with the arrival of a new member in the house, but during this time the care of the woman who becomes a mother should also not be ignored.

After delivery care - Postnatal care
Postnatal Care

By the first few weeks after delivery, the woman who becomes a mother is slowly starting to recover. At this time, other people in the household should take care of the mother as well as their regular medical checkup. Keeping in mind the health of a woman who has recently become a mother, you are being told about the care after normal delivery.

Postnatal Care (After Delivery Care)

In this, we will be give the tips for physical health along with changes in routine and mood after normal delivery.

  1. Change the daily routine after normal delivery
  2. Understand each other’s needs after normal delivery
  3. Changes in mood (mood) after normal delivery
  4. Tips for physical health after normal delivery
  5. Other measures for normal postnatal care

1. Change the daily routine after normal delivery

It is a challenging task for a woman to change her daily routine after childbirth. At this time, along with taking care of the child, the woman should also take full care of herself. Working women should not go to office immediately after childbirth for at least six weeks. During this time, you will be able to easily adopt the changes in your routine. While feeding the baby, changing its diaper and doing other things, you are not able to get full sleep for many nights, but gradually you will make all the activities of the baby a part of your routine.

After delivery, you should change your routine as follows:

Rest more

Get as much sleep as possible to reduce fatigue. Your child can wake up every two to three hours to drink milk at night, so you should also take rest when your child is asleep.

Seek help from family members

After delivery you should not hesitate to seek help from your friends and family. After delivery, your body is slowly recovering and in such a situation you will get time to rest with the help of family members. Your friends and family members can help you with cooking, handling other children and other tasks.

Eat a healthy diet

To recover faster after delivery, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Increase the amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein in your diet. You also need to take more fluids while breastfeeding.

Do the exercise

You should start exercise only after consulting a doctor. Do not do much tiring exercise and go for a walk in a park or garden near the house, it will make you feel refreshed and energetic.

2. Understand each other’s needs after normal delivery

After the birth of a child, the routine of all family members changes. At this time, the relationship of a woman who becomes a mother also begins to change with her husband. After delivery, women and men spend less time together, due to which many problems start. This can be a stressful time for both of you, during which both of you should act wisely.

In this case, both of you should be patient and seek help from other parents who have become parents. It takes some time to adopt many types of changes, for this you must understand them properly.

If any other child or husband feels lonely at this time, then you should talk to them and understand their problems and try to convince them. Children require more care after delivery. At this time, you and your husband may be busy all day in child care. In this situation, do not feel guilty for not spending time with your partner.

3. Changes in mood (mood) after normal delivery

Your mood may change after normal delivery. You can usually feel a change in your mood up to two weeks after delivery. In most cases of delivery, the problem of mood changes is seen and the symptoms of this problem can be different in all women.

70 to 80 percent of women who have recently become mothers have problems with negative thinking and mood changes. This happens due to hormonal changes in the body and you may feel the following symptoms during this time, such as:

  • Cry without reason
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • the sadness
  • mood changes
  • Restlessness

When to go to the doctor in this problem?

This condition resolves in two weeks after delivery. If after two weeks this type of problem is not cured, then it is considered a problem of postpartum depression. In this problem you need medical treatment. If you find this condition harmful to the child, then you should talk to your doctor about it. Depression after delivery can occur up to one year after the birth of the child.

4. Tips for physical health after normal delivery

Get a doctor checked up after one week of delivery. You can also ask the doctor about the next routine checkup date after delivery. Doctors usually call you for a checkup only after 4-6 weeks.

  • After delivery, take regular care of the part between your vagina and rectum (Perineum: Perineum) in the manner prescribed by the doctor.
  • Do not have sex with a partner before a medical checkup. Do not have sex with a partner until the doctor asks you for sex. Have sex only when the perineum is healed and bleeding and discharge decrease after delivery.
  • Before delivery, you must consult a doctor before using any contraceptive method. You can conceive even when there is no menstruation during breastfeeding.
  • Do not use tampons before your first medical checkup 4-6 weeks after delivery. The tampon is a small cotton plug that absorbs the blood of periods. (Read more – When do periods start after delivery)
  • Even after delivery, you should take Prenatal vitamin: medicines to remove vitamin deficiency before delivery. Even if you do not take prenatal vitamins, you should take multivitamin drugs containing iron.
  • Eat nutritious food every day. Do not drink caffeine and alcohol.
  • Go to an open area near the house to wash. Apart from this, talk to the doctor about starting the exercise.
  • Drink about eight glasses of juice, milk and water every day.

5. Other measures for normal postnatal care

  • You need more rest for the first 2 weeks after delivery, so at least meet people. This will also make you habit of breastfeeding.
  • Do not lift anything heavier than your child’s weight.
  • Change the baby’s diaper, learn the toilet and you should wash your hands thoroughly before feeding the baby.
  • Do not use stairs for at least one month after delivery.
  • Don’t worry about cleaning the house all the time.
  • Do not bathe the baby everyday. Instead, you can clean the baby with a wet cloth.
  • If you feel anxious all the time and because of this you are unable to sleep, then you should consult your doctor about this.

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