How to prevent nausea during pregnancy? During pregnancy, Problem of nausea

There are many problems in the life of a pregnant woman along with pregnancy, one of them is G Mitli, which we will talk about the diagnosis by herbs through this article today.

Problem of Nausea During Pregnancy
How to prevent nausea during pregnancy?

Problem of nausea During pregnancy

Nausea is very common during pregnancy. It usually starts in the first trimester. In the second week of pregnancy, this problem increases further. Sometimes it increases so much that it can prove harmful for the pregnant.

Today, through this article, we will know how to cure nausea from herbs. Which herbs are used to overcome this problem?

The use of the following herbs can be relieved from the problem of live nausea:

1. Mint

Drinking mint tea before going to bed at night helps in getting rid of nausea. It also reduces the symptoms of gas and bloating. Put 2 tablespoons of dried mint leaves in hot water and allow it to boil for 10 minutes. Sieve and drink the tea when it is hot.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile (jasmine) relieves stomach pain and also reduces the problem of nausea. When needed, tea made from chamomile can be consumed for immediate relief.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is also effective in reducing the problem of nausea. It can be taken in any form of raw, juice, vegetable etc. You can also eat it as a salad. Eating boiled cabbage is also a good option.

4. Ginger

Consuming tea made using dried ginger helps in fighting nausea. It cools the stomach, also reduces problems like gas and bloating.

5. Raspberry leaves

Raspberry leaves have no side effects, so it is safe to consume them during pregnancy. Raspberry leaves are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin E and vitamin C. Consuming tea made using its leaves helps reduce morning sickness during pregnancy. Its intake strengthens muscles which helps during delivery. They increase the milk in the mother’s breast and prevent the risk of miscarriage.

It is safe to use all the above mentioned herbs to remove nausea in pregnancy. Apart from this, there are many times that the elders of the house, according to their experience, give different remedies, prescriptions and herbs to prevent nausea. In these situations you need to be very careful to stay safe. It is more appropriate to consult a doctor before using any foods or herbs.

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