Know what is the most desire to eat in pregnancy, food cravings during pregnancy

During pregnancy, most women feel like eating a lot. If someone’s mind wants to eat carry, then the desire to eat pickle, something in pregnancy is called craving. Craving is very common in pregnancy but most people do not know what causes craving.

Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Today we will learn through this article why craving happens during pregnancy?

  1. Why is pregnancy a desire to eat anything
  2. When does the desire to eat start in pregnancy
  3. What do you want to eat during pregnancy
  4. How to avoid craving in pregnancy

1. Why is pregnancy a desire to eat anything

According to a recently published journal of the American Dietetic Association, craving occurs due to iron deficiency. The body does not get enough vitamins and minerals from normal food which craving also arises to fulfill.

2. When does the desire to eat start in pregnancy

Most women begin craving in the first trimester, craving increases in the second trimester, and cravings begin to decrease substantially in the third trimester. According to doctors, at times craving continues even after delivery.

3. What do you want to eat during pregnancy

Craving can happen during pregnancy:


The fragrance of coffee is so strong that it attracts everyone. Coffee also attracts pregnant women. It is effective in fighting fatigue and depression. Since coffee contains caffeine which is harmful in pregnancy, it should be consulted by an obstetrician before it is consumed in excess in pregnancy.

Lemon and Pickle

Both of these are sour in taste and in pregnancy, the mind rarely does anything more than eating sour. Some women may have lemon and pickle cravings due to sodium deficiency. Both lemon and pickle help fight nausea and keep the body fresh.

Meat and spicy food

Meats contain enough amount of iron and protein, but they are high in fat, so eat low-fat meats and cook them well. Eating hot and spicy food causes perspiration, which causes the temperature of the body to rise and in case of pregnancy there is difficulty in normalizing the body temperature, so it is advisable to stay away from spicy food.

4. How to avoid craving in pregnancy

You can take the following measures to avoid craving during pregnancy:

  • Whenever you feel hungry, take nutritious food only.
  • Always keep healthy snacks in your fridge.
  • Whenever you feel hungry, eat some healthy food at home and do not eat with chips, packets etc. off the market.

In pregnancy, I often feel like eating something like sour and spicy, but if you feel like eating more then it would be better to consult a doctor. Since craving to eat a food item is not right, it should be ensured first.

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