Black Hair Care Myths And Facts: Learn about the 13 myths and truths related to hair

Know the 13 myths and truths related to hair, Black Hair Care Myths And Facts: Everyone wants to have beautiful and beautiful hair, for which women try a lot and sometimes they fail. But the truth is that effort brings color only when the effort is right, otherwise it shows the wrong effect.

Black Hair Care Myths And Facts

Therefore, to maintain the shine of the hair, before using anything it should be kept in full detail.

Myth 1: Does dyeing or dyeing the hair spoil the hair and the hair of the same color comes out?

Fact: Only the hair that is on the head gets affected by dyeing. The new hair will grow in its natural color. If the hair is taken care of properly then they do not deteriorate.

Myth 2: Washing hair with beer makes hair shine?

Fact: The truth is that washing hair with beer can cause dandruff and can also be dry.

Myth 3: Using conditioner makes hair even curly and dry?

Fact: The use of conditioner does not make the hair dry, not curly, but it gives shine to the hair. Conditioner must be used after shampoo.

Myth 4: Every month’s haircut makes hair thicker?

Fact: No, hair growth depends on the texture of the hair. Hair cuts do not make them dense, but due to a good cut, they start to become dense.

Myth 5: When hair grows to a specified length, does it not grow after that?

Fact: This assumption is false. Hair growth depends on its texture and cuticle, but for a time the hair grows rapidly, then after that the hair growth slows down.

Myth 6: One should not get a haircut when he is ill because his texture deteriorates due to lying down?

Fact: On becoming ill, the body becomes weak and hair loses its sheen. Well cut hair will remain the same.

Myth 7: Washing with too much shampoo worsens?

Fact: If you are washing your hair without shampoo because of this fear then it is wrong. Not shampooing keeps hair dirty. Dust suffers from the soil and becomes oily and also starts to fall from the dirt.

Myth 8: Breaking white hair leads to more white hair at that place?

Fact: Only one hair is born from a pore, so there is less scope for growing more white hair.

Myth 9: Does having open hair cause dandruff?

Fact: The problem of dandruff arises only because the hair is more oily. Keeping the hair open is not related to dandruff.

Myth 10: Does continuous hair perming make hair curly?

Fact: By continuously permitting the hair, only that part of the hair is affected, in which the permitting is done. Not all hair is curly. Curly hair is born.

Myth 11: Using a dryer and blow dryer causes hair to naturally get straightened?

Fact: With the use of dryer, the hair is straightened for some time, after that it gets back as before. Apart from this, the blow dryer also causes a lot of damage to the hair, so try not to use it.

Myth 12: Do two mouth hairs move from the bottom to the root?

Fact: This assumption is completely wrong, because two-mouth hair requires special care. Constant cutting and shaping relieves us of two wavy hairs.

Myth 13: Permanent waving absorbs oil by causing dryness on our head?

Fact: Whether or not oil is present in the hair depends on your hormones or food. Yes, but using too many chemicals can damage hair by causing dryness in the hair.

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