Tips to stay beautiful in winter – Beauty Tips In Winter For Skin Hair Eyes Lips

Tips to stay beautiful in winter, Beauty Tips In Winter For Skin Hair Eyes Lips: Skin requirements also change with the seasons. In winter, we should take special care of it to protect the skin from dryness and to keep it low. The following suggestions will be helpful for this.

Beauty Tips In Winter For Skin Hair Eyes Lips
Tips to stay beautiful in winter

Tips to stay beautiful in winter

Do not wash face with soap in winter. This will increase dryness on the face. Cleans the skin twice a day with cleansing milk, then wash the face with a good moisturizing soap or face wash.

Moisturizing soap will provide extra moisture to the skin. The skin around the eyes is very soft. After washing the mouth, use the under eye cream of a good company.

Instead of gels in winter, only under eye cream would be appropriate. Apply some cream bed moisturizer on face and neck.

Common complaint of winter is cleft lips. For the protection of lips, use Vaseline or any lipstick etc. Nowadays moisturized lipstick is available in the market. They will keep lips soft.

Massage the face with almond oil, cream or any nourishing cream before sleeping at night. Massage is necessary these days on all skin types.

At night, massage the open area of ​​hands and feet with coconut or olive oil. Due to cold, dryness occurs on the whole body. Put two spoons of glycerin or a few drops of coconut oil in the bath water. This will not dry the skin.

After bathing, apply some good body lotion on the body, especially hands and feet. These days do not use powder on the body.

These days, thirst seems less than in summer, but six to eight glasses of water must be drunk to maintain moisture in the skin.

In winter, the sun looks very good. It also gives vitamin-D to the body, but the ultra violet rays present in the sun damage the skin, causing the skin to become dry and the color becomes dark, so use sunscreen lotion before going into the sun.

Green vegetables and fresh fruits are available in winter. Do include them in your diet. Vegetables can also be taken as soups and salads. Consuming carrot juice is very beneficial for the skin. Consuming dry fruits and peanuts gives the skin a glow.

Homemade Skin Care Tips

Regular skin care is important in this season. Apply the following face packs twice a week. It is beneficial for all skin types.

  1. Add a few drops of rogan to a spoon of gram flour, half a teaspoon of turmeric and a spoon of cream. Mix the milk and make a thick paste. Clean the face and apply it. Wash after 20 minutes.
  2. Make a thick paste by mixing one teaspoon of oatmeal, a few drops of lemon juice and three teaspoons of milk. Apply it on the face and neck. Clean face after fifteen minutes.
  3. Make a thick paste by mixing one egg yolk, one teaspoon milk powder, one teaspoon semolina, one teaspoon honey and yogurt. Dry it on the face, wash it with filler.
  4. Dry the peel of orange and make powder. Pour cream or curd in two spoonfuls of powder. Apply on face, wash it after drying.
  5. Add one spoon of milk to one spoon of honey and mix it well. Apply on face and throat. Wash when dry.
  6. Take one spoon of oatmeal, one egg yolk and one spoon of olive oil. Whisk them well. Dry it on the face. Wash it after drying.
  7. If the skin is more dry, apply a few drops of almond oil on the face before applying face pack.
  8. Be sure to apply moisturizer after removing the face pack.
  9. To end the dryness of the skin in winter, add a thick paste of double bread mixed with rose water, wash the mask after drying it completely on the face.
  10. Mix one spoon egg white and one tablespoon milk powder. Wash it after thirty minutes. Your skin will become beautiful and soft in a few days, do this experiment at least twice a week.

Women with dry skin must wear a boil before bathing. Make a smooth paste by mixing egg yolk or olive oil, small spoonful of multani mitti powder and rose water in it and wash the mouth thoroughly with water and do it twice a week for thirty minutes. Your skin will become soft and smooth.

For women with normal skin, apply one egg yolk, one tablespoon vinegar, one-fourth mustard oil, mix all of them till it becomes thick, on the face and wash off after drying. After a few days your skin will glow.

Bathe in hot and cold water

One should take a bath with hot water first. After this, bathing with cold water provides stimulation to the skin and vital internal organs. The benefits of such a bath are not felt in the beginning, but after a few days there are also benefits.

Firstly hot and then cold water bath, there is great benefit in Fost Bite, Thermal Atticaria, Atopic Dermatitis.

In winter, oily skin looks more smooth and shiny, for this use a clearing scrub. Mix one quarter cup of dried orange peel powder and one tablespoon spoon sandalwood powder or oatmeal in one-fourth cup of multani mitti and keep it in your bathroom. Before taking a bath, prepare a thick mixture by mixing a small spoonful of water and apply it on the face. After ten minutes, clean the face with lukewarm water. Do this regularly every other day.

If you have dry skin, mix one teaspoon of gilsarin, one fourth teaspoon of eating soda and one fourth teaspoon of borax in one cup of lukewarm milk. Apply this lotion on the face and neck for ten minutes, then wash the face with lukewarm water.

Make this moisturizer at home to make dry skin soft and soft. Mix ¼ teaspoon gilsarin, 1 teaspoon vinegar and one-fourth teaspoon honey in 4 cups of rose water and fill it in a bottle. Apply it after cleansing regularly.

Mix well a few drops of gilsarin, a quarter teaspoon of castor oil and a few drops of rose water in a tablespoon milk cream. Apply it in the face, neck and hands every night before going to bed at night and leave it overnight. In the morning, clean the face with cold water.

Apply Face-pack For Normal Skin

Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon spoon of lentil lentil powder, teaspoon spoon rose water, one teaspoon sandalwood powder, half teaspoon honey in one-fourth cup of milk. Apply this pack on the face twice a week. If you get pleasure, then rub it with light hands. Due to this, the skin glows, dead cells also come out.

Apply Facial Mask In Winter For Beauty

Mix one fourth cup of yogurt, one small spoon of honey, one tablespoon milk powder together and leave it on the face for ten minutes. Then clean the face with cold water. Do this once a week.

A little care and caution keeps your skin radiant and healthy even in winter.

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