Fragrant the body and mind and get relief from smell

Fragrant the body
Fragrant the body and mind and get relief from smell !

It is very important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the body in order to maintain your body, mind and personality. If there is a bad odor from the body or bad breath from the mouth, the effect of your makeup etc. becomes bleak. In such a situation it is necessary to avoid them. Apart from this, proper type of control should also be exercised in order to smell yourself. Your beauty and personality will influence others like any magic.

Get rid of sweat smell

Getting back is very important for health. Back our internal temperature controls. That is, it makes the body naturally air-conditioned. But the bad smell of sweat makes your personality tarnish. In the true sense, there is no odor in sweat, but when it comes in contact with the skin, the bacteria present on the skin produce perspiration by rotten sweat. In such a situation, special attention is needed to cleanse the body so that it does not cause back odor on the body.

5 effective tips to get rid of sweat smell

For this, take special care of your skin. Keep it clean, take a good bath every day and include healthy things in your food. If your sweat is smelling bad you should take the following measures:

  1. Boil a few leaves of neem in water. Then take a bath after cooling this water. The foul smell of sweat will go away.
  2. Boil 5-6 lemon peels in water and cool and bathe them. The foul smell of sweat will go away.
  3. Mixing three teaspoons of mint juice in a bucket of water, bathing, removes foul smell of sweat.
  4. Make a paste by mixing four teaspoons gram flour, two teaspoons milk powder, one teaspoon lemon juice and two spoons rose water. Apply it like a boil on the whole body. After 20 minutes, 40 ml in a bucket of water. Lee Mix milk and take a bath. This removes foul smell of sweat.
  5. Take bath by adding 10-12 drops of dettol, rose water or lemon juice in the bath water. This will not cause sweat.

Precautions for sweat smell

  • Keep hair clean of the sides and other places so that bacteria does not thrive.
  • Dry the feet after thoroughly cleaning them with water. Sprinkle talcum powder on the feet before wearing shoes.
  • Pay special attention to proper cleansing of the body in every season.
  • Do not consume too much chili-spices and fatty things.
  • Wear cotton underwear that is properly washed and dry.
  • Rub the body properly and take bath in the morning and evening. Particularly clean the armpit, chest, bottom of the abdomen, the back of the thigh, neck, knee and elbow.

Breath’s Smell Problem

Bad breath is a particular problem. It is often due to not cleaning teeth properly, consuming pan-tobacco etc. and some disease. Therefore, bad breath should be avoided. This can make your beauty and personality fade. Generally, the person suffering from this breath does not know. He knows this only when someone tells him. Therefore, every effort should be made to remove bad breath.

Effective tips to get rid of bad breath

  1. Smell of bad breath is taken when gargling with salt water.
  2. Sprinkle some salt over the lemon peel. Rub it on your teeth and gums. Mouth odor will end.
  3. Mix one teaspoon ground sesame and ½ teaspoon black salt – clean the teeth with it. Mouth odor will go away.
  4. Put cloves, fennel or cardamom in the mouth. The odor will end.
  5. Boil neem leaves in water and cool them. Gargle with this water. Bad breath will be destroyed.
  6. Use of neem toothpaste also removes bad breath.

Precautions for bad breath

  • Avoid constipation for bad breath.
  • Clean the tongue regularly.
  • Do not use pan-masala, smoking and alcohol etc.
  • Clean teeth regularly in the morning and at night.
  • Bad breath also causes bad breath, so clean all the body parts properly.

Smell of Perfume

The usefulness of perfumes to enhance physical beauty and become the center of attraction of people cannot be denied. It plays a positive role in your beauty and personality. If you want to get into any party, wedding or special ceremony, then information about the choice and use of perfume is necessary.

How to choose perfume

The choice of perfume depends on personal preference. Use the same perfume that you like to smell. But never use cheap, cheap or marketable perfumes. Always buy a good company perfume from a reliable shop.

How to use perfume

  1. Researches have shown that fragrance has an effect on all senses of men and women; Therefore, husband and wife can use perfume to increase the effect of love, attract and increase sexual excitement.
  2. The perfume should be sprayed on the pulse point (pulse spot) of the body. Due to this, the perfume attains physical heat and lasts longer.
  3. Walls, behind the ears, armpits, around the waist, middle of both chests and thighs etc. are best for applying perfume.
  4. Perfume should be used in the evening and at night. By the way, you can also change the time according to the occasion, weather and mood.

Take care in applying perfume

  1. Use it continuously after opening the perfume bottle. Because after opening the vial the perfume starts to evaporate and evaporates slowly.
  2. After the use of perfume, the perfume bottle should be kept in a cool and dark place.
  3. Do not attempt to pour perfume from one vial to another. This makes the perfume fly away.
  4. If perfume gets in the hand, then wash the hand, otherwise it will go into the stomach with the food item which will prove to be harmful.
  5. Do not use two to three types of perfumes simultaneously. It does not realize the actual aroma of the perfume.
  6. The use of perfume increases the blood flow in the nervous system and blood cells of the body, so perfume should be used regularly and not after a few days.

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