Maintain the beauty of the neck, Homemade Beauty Tips For Neck

Maintain the beauty of the neck, Homemade Beauty Tips For Neck

Homemade Beauty Tips For Neck: The long, jugular neck is considered a symbol of beauty, but the first line of life is seen on the neck itself. These ridges do not end the beauty of the neck, so it is important that we adopt useful tips to maintain the beauty of the neck. Here in this article we will tell some similar tips.

Maintain the beauty of the neck

The metabolic process and circulation of the skin of the neck is slow, so the skin there quickly becomes rough, rough and discolored. Like the face, the neck also comes in contact with the ultraviolet rays of dust and sun. If you are not careful towards the neck, then there is a difference in the color of the face and neck, which looks very ugly. But by taking a little regular care, you can also become the owner of a jugular neck.

How to avoid neck wrinkles

To avoid wrinkles, massage the neck regularly by adding a little rose water to the cold cream or olive oil. Always massage from the bottom up to the inside out and take care that the skin is not pulled.

Neck lines reveal growing age. Due to not keeping the neck straight, there is pressure on the spine and due to stretch in the neck, wrinkles and streaks start. Therefore, always be straight while walking and in standing position.

Remedies to relieve necrosis of neck

The problem for most women is that their neck color is darker than the face. That is why it is important to facial along with the neck and use sunscreen cream while coming out in the sun.

Clean the neck skin regularly with raw milk or cleansing cream in the morning and evening.

In addition, rubbing ripe papaya pulp or tomato pulp also improves the skin tone. If the skin color of your neck is more dark, then bleach once in fifteen days.

Clean with a brush while bathing for regular cleaning to remove dead skin or dirt. Be sure to use a body lotion or moisturizer to clean it with towels, so that the skin remains soft.

Apply Neck Pack

The neck pack is very useful to remove wrinkles and pimples of the neck. Do use it twice a week. To make the pack, make a paste by mixing 1 tbsp of maida, 1 tsp of milk powder, 1 tsp of cucumber juice, 1/2 tsp of honey, half a teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric and keep it well on the neck. Apply it. Once dry, wash and dry it and apply moisturizer. In this way, the dead skin will be cleaned and become soft.

Make-Up Tips For Beautiful Neck

Neck defects can also be hidden with makeup. Apply a light shade on the front part of the pearl neck and a deep shade on both sides. While on the short neck use the foundation of a lighter shade than the face. Likewise, the foundation of the foundation on the long neck is deep and left of the right. This will make the neck look shorter.

Daily Exercise Is Must

Exercise is very important for the smoothness of the neck. There is no need to take time for this separately. You can do this exercise in any leisure moments in the morning, evening, afternoon, even in the kitchen.

Stand upright, arms at the waist. Take the neck as far back as possible, then tilt it forward. Now tilt to the right, then move to the left. Perform this action 10-12 times daily. If your neck is short and thick, then lie back on the bed and let the neck hang down, then lift the head up, then hang it. Repeating in this way can eliminate your problem. Sit on the ground like a straight, and rotate the neck clockwise and anticlockwise 10-15 times. This will increase the blood circulation of the neck and will improve the shape.

Additionally, do not put a pillow at bedtime. If you want to apply, use a thin pillow.

Fashion and Jwellery Tips

Wear a short neck wear on the long neck and keep the hairstyle long. Wear V-shaped apparel on short and thick neck, keep hair short and jewelery should not stick to the neck, take care in the use of jewelery for neck protection. Do not wear fake metal jewelry that is heavy, edgy or color dropping in fashion. It is prone to infection.

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