Fifth month of pregnancy – Symptoms, Child development and physical changes

Due to the rapid development of the baby, you may feel a little more pain and pain in the fifth month of pregnancy and it is not surprising. Your stomach will also grow to allow the baby to grow and will start showing more than before.

Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Fifth (5th) Month of Pregnancy

By the end of this month, you have already passed half the pregnancy. Probably because of this enthusiasm, your energy is more than the first trimester and the pregnancy “glow” starts on your face. This article describes the development of your body and baby in the fifth month.

  1. Baby growth during fifth month of pregnancy
  2. Changes in body during 5th month of pregnancy
  3. Things to know about fifth month of pregnancy

Baby growth during fifth month of pregnancy

By the end of the fifth month of pregnancy, your baby will be 8-12 inches tall and can weigh about 453 grams.

The baby produces a thick white substance called Vernix which, until she is born, acts to cover her body to protect her thin skin from amniotic fluid. The bones and muscles of the child will now be fully developed, along with that they also learn to take a gag, yawning and make different kinds of mouths.

He can also kick and start many activities like moving, moving and moving. You can also feel these movements a little bit. He also regularly goes to sleep waking program and his fingerprints also develop in this month.

If the baby growing in the womb is a boy, then her testicles develop in this month and if she is a girl, then in this month her uterus is fully developed and her ovaries also produce eggs.

Changes in body during 5th month of pregnancy

In this month, your uterus becomes melon-shaped and you probably start wearing maternity clothes ie loose-fitting clothes. Ligments (ligaments; connective or fibrous tissue connecting the bones) in your stomach begin to pull up and you will now see stretch marks caused by them. If you have not started applying any stretch marks cream yet, then start using it now.

Apart from abdominal pain, you may also feel swelling, cramps and back pain in the legs. You can use a pregnancy pillow to avoid or eliminate all these inconveniences. As your pregnancy progresses, these discomforts will bother you more. A pregnancy pillow and pelvic support will help you feel better and less pain during the rest of your pregnancy.

From this month you may feel more hungry than before. Some women are able to eat everything while some feel like eating a particular type of food like only sour or mita or peppery etc. During this period, some women start following complaints –

  • Chest irritation.
  • Indigestion.
  • Constipation.

Your hair and nails become stronger and healthier than before. You can enjoy these benefits of this month to the fullest.

Things to know about fifth month of pregnancy

Even if you feel more hungry this month and it is important, but do not forget to eat two people food, unhealthy snack or any other unnecessary things. Of course, you gain weight during pregnancy, but more than necessary can be unhealthy for both you and your baby. At this time, you should follow the guidelines given in the article What to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy and stop pretending to eat sweet or junk food that “two people should eat in pregnancy.”

If pain and cramps are persistent in your feet, eating prenatal calcium-magnesium supplements can help them to get relief.

In ultrasound, now the gender of the child is also known to the doctor, but do not try to know it because doing so is a legal offense in India and if caught doing so, he is sent to jail.

You still have a lot of energy for planning and shopping. You can decorate your room for the child. But keep in mind that you do not have to climb the stairs, so assign such tasks to others.

Pregnancy by Month & Pregnancy by Week

  1. First Month of Pregnancy:- Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.
  2. Second Month of Pregnancy:- Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9.
  3. Third Month of Pregnancy:- Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12, Week 13.
  4. Fourth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 13, Week 14, Week 15, Week 16, Week 17.
  5. Fifth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 17, Week 18, Week 19, Week 20, Week 21.
  6. Sixth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 22, Week 23, Week 24, Week 25, Week 26.
  7. Seventh Month of Pregnancy:- Week 27, Week 28, Week 29, Week 30, Week 31.
  8. Eighth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 32, Week 33, Week 34, Week 35, Week 36.
  9. Ninth Month of Pregnancy:- Week 36, Week 37, Week 38, Week 39, Week 40.

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